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Forever Virginia is an American artist by the name of Virginia. Her dolls are professionally cast and currently sold exclusively from her website. Pre-2018 doll lines may only be discussed in the Brigadoon area. But, all doll releases listed from 2018 to now have been deemed on topic.

Doll Lines

Pre-2018 (off-topic, retired)

  • Mini Eden head
  • Rosemary
  • Eden Kid
  • Big Sister Eden
  • Lala the Lamb
  • Briar Kid
  • Noel Child
  • Sweet Pea
  • Tum Child

2018 (on-topic, retired)

  • Marigold Child
  • Evergreen Child
  • Mimi Charm
  • Evie Charm

2019-2022 (on-topic, retired)

  • Tinker Lolli
  • Dill Charm
  • Rose Sweetheart
  • Bambi Charm
  • Juniper Sweetheart
  • Bee Lolli
  • Briar Sweetheart
  • Murphy Lolli
  • Mo Charm

2023-Present (on-topic, in production)

  • Plum Bubba
  • Pudding Charm
  • Tater Bubba