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Herrendoll, or Mrs. A. H. Doll, was the business name of a team of three Korean sculptors: Young A. Shin, Jung-Hee Park, and Gu Mi-Jung. Herrendoll was active between 2008 and 2010, at the URL www.herrendoll.com (now defunct). The three sculptors were all associated with Studio Bimong.

Herrendoll first released Samantha Herren, a mature mini sculpted by Young A. Shin, in 2008. Samantha Herren was cast in French resin.

Samantha Herren measurements:

45.5 cm tall

Bust: 20 cm

Waist: 14.3 cm

Hip: 21.25 cm

Foot length: 5.4 cm

Size 6-7 wig

8mm eyes

The Herrendoll site also offered Bambola, sculpted by Jung-Hee Park (Bambola is off-topic for DoA because of limited jointing), Sae Yan (sculptor unknown), and the jointed-mouth boy Q.Pito, sculpted by Gu Mi-Jung. By 2010, Gu Mi-Jung set up an independent studio, MyDolling. Soon after that, the Herrendoll website closed.