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Chinese artist Naruya sculpted a number of heads under the name IGO, which stands for I Get Off. These heads were produced in small numbers and the artist is no longer active, making these heads very rare. Apart from heads listed below, the artist made others but sculpt information is very scarce due to website deletions.


1/3 size

  • Echo (LE 20 from 2011, NS and WS)
  • Echo SP (LE, WS, maybe NS too)
  • Jones (LE 20 from 2009, NS)

1/4 size

  • Echo M

Tiny size

  • Echo S (NS, maybe WS too)


  • 1/3 size Echo and Echo SP:

Head circumference: 23cm Wig size 8-9 inch Eyes: 18mm Neck circumference: 10cm

  • Tiny size Echo S head:

Wig size 5-6 inch Eyes: 14mm