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IMPLdoll are a Chinese-based ball-jointed doll company, notable for their striking faces, a range of elaborate fantasy limited editions, and their use of slightly transclucent, heavy environmental resin in a variety of colors.

The company also sells clothes, wigs and eyes.

Doll lines


IMPL Family

Clothes for Idol men (1st Generation body - FGB) -M3BJD EID model and superhero selections -Freedom teller EID clothes and SID tops -Iplehouse EID clothes and SID tops -Sunny's Wonderful World EID clothes -BeachGirlNikita's ebay EID stuffs -Idealian Biweekly outfits -Mosica Idealian outfits -Impldoll Idol outfits

Eyes for Idol men Eyeco 13mm silicone^

Accessories for Idol men: Glasses from Alice’s for 1/3 and 70 cm dolls


Dealer links