Immortality of Soul 1/3 line

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Immortality of Soul (IoS) has produced several 1/3 heads; all of them are presented as male sculpts except for Anos, which is also presented as female. 1/3 body was first introduced in December 2010.

IoS also offers clothes made by Fairy Tales for their dolls at their website.


Interchangeable heads

Full dolls

  • Blood
  • G (also available to purchase without the body)
  • M (also available to purchase without the body)
  • Maru
  • S

Measurements data

Interchangeable heads

  • Eye size: 14-16mm
  • Wig size: 9-10"

Full dolls

Height (head included) 63cm
Head size 21.8cm / 8.5inch
Eye size 12~14mm
Circumference of neck 10cm
Circumference of chest 26.5cm
Width of shoulders 13.5cm
Circumference of waist 19.2cm
Circumference of hips 24cm
Length of ‘from hips to ankle’ 30cm
Length of ‘from knee to ankle’ 15cm
Foot size 7.5cm