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Infiniti Doll is a bjd company from Korea established in 2009. There are three lines offered: UID (26cm dolls), SID (65cm boy’s dolls), and SID13 (59cm girl’s and 61cm boys dolls). Dolls are available in normal and white colors.

DearMine anthro dolls can be also offered at the Inifiniti Doll website.



  • Aiden
  • Amber
  • Arin
  • Cori
  • Jenny
  • Koo LE
  • Loro LE
  • Pippin
  • Tiki


SID13 Girl

  • Daffodil
  • Isabella
  • Miho
  • Nari - released in June, 2012
  • Reina
  • Vivian

SID13 Boy

  • Brian
  • Eric
  • Ricky - released in June, 2012


  • Alex
  • Chris LE
  • Daniel LE
  • Hue
  • Joshua LE
  • Joy (2nd Anniversary LE head: 2011)
  • Justin
  • Kay dreaming (1st Anniversary LE head: 2010)
  • Kay LE
  • Louis (2009 X-Mas event head)
  • Louis dreaming LE
  • Luke
  • Moris
  • Noel (2010 X-Mas event head)
  • Ray - released in June, 2012
  • Ryan LE
  • Steve
  • Valentine LE


UID SID13 girl SID13 boy SID
Tall (including head) 26cm 59 / 61.4cm (heel parts) 61cm 65cm
Head circumference 17cm (6.7 inches) 8.7inches
Eyes 14-16mm 16-20mm 16-18mm 14-16mm
Girth of neck 6.4cm 9cm 10cm 10.5cm
Girth of chest 13.1cm 25.8cm 26cm 27.5cm
Girth of waist 11.7cm 16.2cm 19.6cm 20.5cm
Girth of hips 14.4cm 25cm 25cm 26cm
Arm length 7.5cm 17cm 19cm 29.5cm
Length of back 5.5cm 12.3cm 13cm
Girth of wrist 4.4cm 5.3cm 6cm 6.5cm
Length of thigh 8cm 15.2cm 15.3cm 16.5cm
Girth of ankle 5cm 6cm 8.5cm 7.3cm
Foot length 3.9cm 6.5cm 8cm 8.3cm


Infiniti Normal skin is a good match for Luts Real Skin Normal. Luts SDF option hands fit the SID boy body.

Clothing and Shoes

SID13 Girl fits Luts SDF girl clothing, some loose Volks SD13 and SD16 clothing, and Nine9style SD clothes. The SID13 heel feet fit Dollheart SD13 heels, Luts SDF girl heels, Nine9Style heels, and some SD16 heels. The SID13 foot has a slightly lower arch than the SD16 foot, so some SD16 shoes will fit but be difficult to stand in.

"SID Boy" fits TTYA SD17 clothing, Nine9style SD17 clothing, many other brands' SD17 clothing.


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