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What is a recast?

A recast is a copy of a doll (or doll part) made from moulds of existing dolls. When done without the express permission of the original artist or company, this is a violation of the original artist's or company's exclusive right to control the reproduction of their own intellectual property. These recasts are a violation of the artist's or company's exclusive rights whether they are made for personal use or for sale.

What does it mean to be ___?

  • Recast: An unauthorized copy of a doll or doll part made from an existing part without the express permission of the original artist or company. This is a violation of the artist's or company's exclusive right to control the reproduction of their own intellectual property. Synonyms: counterfeit, bootleg.
  • Legitimate: An original doll or doll part made and approved by the original artist or company. Synonym: legit.
  • Recast Friendly: A stance that is for recasts or actively looks for and purchases recasts. Synonym: Pro-recast.
  • Recast Neutral: A stance that accepts recasts without openly supporting them. In practice, it is similar to being recast friendly.
  • Pro-Artist: A stance that is against recasts. Supports the original artist or company by purchasing a doll directly through them, their approved vendors, or through research on the second hand market. Synonym: Anti-recast.

What BJD makers say about recasts

Click the company name to read their statement.

  • Batchix Dolls

    1. I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. It's disheartening and it's frustrating and depressing. I've actually backed off on doll making to concentrate on my day job. It takes so much work and time and money to develop and produce a doll. People whine on about how they don't recast artist dolls, but it's evident they do if they get popular enough. To think that if I make a doll that appeals to a larger audience than my current one would open me up to people ripping me off makes the whole process feel completely pointless. I like to share my work with other people and I try to make sure to keep my costs down so I can sell at a reasonable price. It seems pointless to keep creating if I can't share it for fear someone will decide to recast my work.

      I can't imagine how desperate and helpless the artists who have been ripped off must feel. How do you come back from something like that emotionally? How do you come back from something like that financially? Especially knowing how little is left over after the cost of production.

  • Depths Dolls

    1. I'm afraid of being recasted one day, it's always in my mind. So I have to think about protecting my creations all the time. Basically, the recasting for me it's more stress and more expenses >_<

  • Dreamhigh Studio

    1. As a Doll artist, I know that recaster are our worst enemies.

      Let me talk about designing, doll sculpting, concept building of a characters we originally made. This is a very long process that may take MONTHS of hard work.

      While recaster only need 1 day to make silicone molds and 15 minutes to cast 1 doll.

      If recaster keep doing this, BJD art itself will extinct. Imagine that one day BJD is not a form of art anymore but just another mass produced toys.

      The soul, passion, and artists works deserves appreciation. Fighting recaster is the best way to supports artists.

  • FreakStyleBJD

    1. This is a pretty crowded market. It’s hard enough to ‘make it’; unless you’re a big name, most of the time you’ll only sell up to 20 copies of your doll. The last thing we need is unfair competition of a recast. Recasting is stealing. It’s waiting to see what doll is popular, spend two days making a mold and then casting it. No wonder they sell for so much less than the original: 2 days of work vs. 8 months to 2 years.

      My company is very small due to issues in my personal life. Luckily, I’ve never had to deal with recasters myself, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect me. The threat is there. What should be a good thing: One of my sculpts becoming popular, so that I’m able to make enough money to get by, has become a threat. I know that when a sculpt gets popular, it will be recasted. Could I survive that, financially? I’m not sure.

      It is one of the reasons why I changed my business format. I only make OOAK’s, and sculptures anymore. They are less likely to get copied.

      Recasting has affected our community in other, more indirect, ways too. Everything has to be cheaper. People have told me that my dolls are too expensive, so could I please make a custom one for them for 100 dollars. Others say that I’m a thief, because Recasting Company A is selling dolls for much less. Recasts are being used to compare prices, and thus create a falls sense of value.

      Recasters are a threat, not only to the artists, but to the community as a whole.