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Irrealdoll is a small artist studio based in Spain. Laura is the doll artist and Alejandro is in charge of the shop. First doll, Enyo, was introduced in April, 2011. [1]. Head and dolls are cast by Dollshe. (Dollshe colors for reference.)


Engendritos (tiny dolls)

  • Enyo – first released in April 15th, 2011[2]
  • Ino – first released in July 31st, 2012 [3]
  • Blue Enyo Limited Edition -- released in May 12th, 2013 [4]
  • Dryo -- first released in December 23rd, 2013 [5]
  • Ery -- first released in September 27th, 2015 [6]
  • Mai -- first released in June 5th, 2016 [ [7]


  • Enoki - first released in March 19th, 2017 [8]

Large Dolls

  • Nur -- first released in November 1st, 2014 [9]

1/3 heads

  • Ringo – first released in January 14th, 2012 [10]



  • Enyo is the first doll to arrive in Irrealdoll's "Engendritos" doll series. Its name comes from the moth Enyo lugubris, an insect found in South America. Both Enyo and Ino were modelled at the same time, but Enyo is considered the eldest son in the Irrealdoll family.


  • Ino is the second addition to Irrealdoll's "Engendritos" doll series. Its name comes from the moth Caria Ino, an insect from México. Although Ino was released much later than Enyo, both were modelled at the same time.


  • Dryo is the newest member of the Irrealdoll family. Like Enyo and Ino, Dryo is part of Irrealdoll’s “Engendritos” line of dolls. Its name originated from a moth called “Dryocampa Rubicunda”, also known as “the maple moth”.


  • From the inside of a matryoshka, the new Irrealdoll's "engendrito" Ery is born! Ery was originated after watching a documentary that showed how a newborn baby was swaddled at a Saint Petersburg hospital. Once the process was done, the baby looked like a traditional russian nesting doll and at the same time it reminded us of a chrysalis. We combined these concepts and named it after "Conistra Erythrocephala", a moth you can find in southern russian forests.


  • After an inspirational trip to Japan, Laura thought it would be fun to create a little Engendrito with asian features and started working on it immediately. Such a beautiful and interesting country to visit! Mai’s name comes from “Antheraea yamamai”, more commonly known as the “Japanese silk moth”. This moth – or its worm stage, to be precise – is responsible for producing tensan, which is a very rare and expensive kind of silk that is produced only in a few places in Japan nowadays.



  • ​Enoki is the first of Laura’s new line of 22,5cm tall dolls called “Setitas”. She is named after a delicious very tall and thin mushroom used in asian dishes. Features versatile joints that will allow you to pose her in many different ways and her size will make it easier for you to purchase or create your own fitting clothes.

Large Dolls


  • Nur is an introverted and weird looking boy. He's interested in insects and nature, he's particulary fond of moths since he finds a special beauty in them.


1/3 heads

  • Suitable body: SD10 body and similar

Tiny dolls

  • Size: 17cm
  • Head circumference: 17cm
  • Eye size: 8mm
  • Arm length: 4.5cm
  • Hip circumference: 11cm
  • Leg length: 7cm
  • Foot length: 2.5cm
  • Foot wide: 1.5cm