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Angelheim's line of 43cm fantasy dolls. The dolls feature double jointed knees and elbows and optional fantasy parts. Heads, bodies, and optional fantasy parts are all sold seperately. On the second of August 2011, Angelheim released three new dolls called Julian, Shin and Kyle. Unlike their first released dolls, these dolls are human with no extra fantasy parts.


  • Ciel 'The Knight'
  • Luka 'The Pan'
  • Luka 'The Wolf'
  • Kozy
  • Kozy, Mr. Raccoon - Limited
  • Jin - Limited: 12 Zodiac Guardians series
  • Julian
  • Myo - Limited: 12 Zodiac Guardians series
  • Shin
  • Kyle

Optional parts

  • Hooves
  • Horns
  • Wolf Hands
  • Wolf Mask
  • Mr. Racoon face, paws, feet - Limited


Currently there are only male Juniorheim dolls.

  • Height 43 cm
  • Weight 0.57 kg
  • Head 19.5 cm around
  • Neck 7 cm around
  • Shoulder 10 cm
  • Chest 18 cm around
  • Waist 15.5 cm around
  • Leg 20 cm
  • Feet 5.7 cm

Hybrid compatibility

Angelheim dolls come in three skin tones, Pure White, White, and Natural. In April 2010, they released a limited tan skin (Kozy/Mr. Racoon). The hooves have been shown to fit on DoC dolls and MNF with little modification.