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K-Doll is a South Korean company run by sculptor Ku Jeong Eun, who refers to herself as Blood on the K-doll website. For a long time, K-doll produced only heads and took orders on a monthly basis, but they have been on hiatus from 2010 to 2013 . In October 2012, pictures of a so-called 'k★70-body' appeared on Blood's Flickr page[1]. In February 2013, K-doll re-opened with a new website and Khan as a full doll, available for a limited time only.



K-doll's ABJD have been released in limited quantities during a pre-order period.

Recent releases


Resin matches

All K-doll heads are cast in resin that closely matches Volks NS and WS. The full doll Khan was also cast in a third skintone: Peach skin. For heads before 2009 there was an option to also get it cast in Luts NS or WS. All sculpts are specifically made to fit LUTS Delf and Senior Delf bodies but can be combined with many larger SD bodies that match Volks or Luts resin. Common hybrids include Volks SD16, Popodoll 68cm and Luts SSDF (albeit a slight resin mismatch).


Below are measurements for K-dolls dolls as they appeared on the site.


Before 2009 : 9-10" wigs. Khan and Keikei are listed as having 8.5" heads. Eye size varies between sculpts from 14 to 16 and 18mm.


  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Tall (with head) : 69cm
  • Head circumference : 8.5inch
  • Shoulder width : 16cm
  • Neck circumference  : 11.5cm
  • Chest circumference : 29cm
  • Waist circumference : 22cm
  • Pelvis circumference : 27cm
  • Thigh circumference : 16.5cm
  • Calf circumference : 13cm
  • Ankle circumference : 9cm
  • Wrist circumference : 7cm
  • Arm length : 21cm
  • Leg length 34cm
  • Length from tiptoe to navel : 42cm
  • Foot length : 9.5cm
  • Ball of foot length : 3.5cm

Other sculptures and collaborations

Ku Jeong Eun participated in the 2009 Seoul Doll Exhibition with a threefold piece called Pandora's Box. In 2003-2004 she worked on a 90cm doll that since remains unfinished.

In 2009 a second sculptor, BLUE, has joined K-Doll to produce the JL head that was available for a limited time. In 2013 K-doll released the full-set doll 'Kiss of the Vampire: Khan' in collaboration with Oscar (Kimsense) who did the face-up and provided Mirror eyes. The clothing of this full-set was made by Seo Eun-Kyung of Dollstar.

How to order

Before 2013, Blood took orders from her website through the BBS found under the "Doll Shop" page, and this Wiki contained a guide on how to order through the BBS page. With the website renewal in 2013, it's now possible to purchase K-dolls sculpts through a 'regular' shopping cart.


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