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Ken no Kokoro (KnK) is a Spanish doll maker. Two heads, Amparita02 and Miguelito, were announced in April, 2012. [1]
Heads are cast by Dollshe; they are available in pale, fresh, oriental, pale tan, tan and ebony skintones.
Comparison photos here.


Ken no Kokoro sculpts released after Amparita02 and Miguelito are banned from Den of Angels. Information about this company and subsequent sculpts are provided on the Den of Angels Wiki for the interest and education of doll collectors and enthusiasts, but are not an indication that all sculpts or this company are permitted on the forum.


1/3 size heads:

  • Miguelito:
    • Wig: 8 inch
    • Eyes: 12-14 mm
    • Compatible bodies: Luts Delf tipe 1 body, Soom Super Gem body, and Souldoll Zenith body. Some photos can be found here.
  • Amparita02 & Rosita:
    • Wig: 8-9 inch
    • Eyes: 14-16 mm
    • Compatible bodies: Dollzone 58cm body, Custom House old body, etc.