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Kevin’s Castle is an anthro line from B&G Dolls, including mouse anthro doll Kevin. A basic Kevin was first introduced in November, 2010.

A basic doll comes with a pair of eyes. Options include default or special request face-up and body blushing. Resin colors: white, normal pink, normal yellow and tan. Full set dolls include theme outfits.

Measurement data

Height (head included) 18.5cm
Width of shoulders 4.4cm
Width of neck 4.2cm
Chest circumference 8.8cm
Girth of waist 10cm
Girth of hips 11.5cm
Height of top 3.8cm
Length of arm 3.8cm
Length of shoulder to fingers 4.4cm
Length of hip to ground 5.9cm
Length of waist to ankle 7.6cm
Length of foot 2.4cm

Dolls released

  • Kevin basic (open eyes) [1]
  • Kevin basic (sleepy eyes) [2]
  • Kevin Cooker [3]
  • Kevin Dancer [4]
  • Kevin Drummer [5]
  • Kevin Guard [6]
  • Kevin Maid [7]
  • Kevin Musician
  • Kevin DIY [8]: 5 different heads available.


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