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Dambi is an SD sized male doll sculpted by Cerberus Project. He was sold at LUTS as part of the Delf line. All CP Delfs were discontinued at LUTS on 15 November 2011.

Dambi’s original release was at the end of November 2006.

He was available as a standard in Normal and Beauty White resin, on the Type 2 or Type 3 body.

Sculpt Variations

Dambi – (Type 2/3)

Dambi Sleeping – (Type 2/3)

– Note: Type 1 heads are connected using a standard S-hook. Type 2, Type 3, and Feeple60 heads all share the same twist-lock neck mechanism.


– Note: Dates in italics indicate original release of each version.


  • Delf Dambi (LUTS_263) – end of November 2006
  • Delf Dambi Special (LUTS_271) – early January 2007

Mold Specific Measurements

Wig Size: 9-10"

Eye Size: 18mm


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