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Latidoll is a Korean company made famous within the hobby by the popular Lati Yellow line of tiny ball jointed dolls. Although the Yellow line has been their most popular at 16 cm (or special body at roughly 20cm), with 'chibi' styled childlike features, Lati also distrubute several other lines, organised by colour. The White line, at 10 cm, or the 'special body' at 12 cm are the smallest. The Green line, at 30 cm, are roughly Yo-SD sized, the Blue Line are slim mini sized, the Red line are roughly SD13 sized at around 60 cm in height, and the Black line at just over 65cm in height.

Latidoll operates through order periods several times a year (roughly March, June, September, and December); at times between these periods all dolls will appear as out of stock. It is possible to buy a doll outside of order periods, but the head and body must be bought separately, which costs more, and no Certificate of Authenticity is received.

Doll lines

Limited or discontinued line-up