Limhwa Leda

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Doll company and doll line Limhwa / EOSDoll; 44cm (MSD).

Sculptor Jung Ji Youn

Release date October 2010

Facial style Leda and Sujan have similar mature faces, with slightly rounded cheeks and very defined lips.

Body style The body style is mature. Leda & Sujan have the same body. It is detailed and has defined collarbones, spine, shoulder blades, knees, hip bones, knuckles, toenails, etc. Leda and Sujan have large size breasts and double jointed knees and elbows.

Resin type In the past French resin and urethane resin were offered. French resin was discontinued and new dolls are only available in urethane resin.

Colors offered Three colors are offered: Normal Beige, White, and Tan. Any of them can be ordered during a preorder period.


  • Height: (approx. 17")
  • Eyes: 10mm
  • Head:16.2cm (approx. 6.4")
  • Bust:18.3cm (approx. 7.2")
  • Waist:12.8cm (approx. 5")
  • Hips:19.3cm (approx. 7.6")
  • Leg length (inner leg from crotch to ankle): 21 Cm
  • Arm length (sleeve, includes wrist ball): 13.0 Cm
  • Shoulders: 8cm
  • Foot length (flat & high heel): 5.5 Cm
  • Foot width just below toes (widest part on flat & high heels): 2.2cm

Special markings - A raised Limhwa brand insert on the back of the head.


Leda will fit most clothes made for Unoa or Minifee as her measurements are very similar. Some Slim Mini size clothing may be slightly too short in the sleeve or leg. She can wear some stretchy Tonner outfits.


Some Dollmore MSD high heel shoes will fit.

Ordering info

In order to keep Jung Ji Youn's workload manageable, her dolls are only available during limited pre-order periods. After the ordering period is over, she casts all the dolls and does faceups on dolls that were ordered with one. This process usually takes two to three months. Once all the dolls are sent out, she opens a new pre-order period and the cycle begins again. In the past, there have been 2-3 preorders per year.

There are three resin colors: Normal Beige, White, and Tan. Any of them can be ordered during a preorder period. To order, you can sign up during a preorder at Junkyspot or email EOS directly.


  • 44cm female body with double jointed knees and elbows and flat feet
  • high heel feet
  • high heels in the same color resin as the doll

Included in Plus order:

  • random wig
  • random 10mm eyes
  • faceup by Jung Ji Youn


Clothing that has been confirmed to fit

Shoes that have been confirmed to fit

Info & ordering: