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This page is to provide some context regarding Logan.dolls' ban.

A number of DoA members inquired as to topicality for this dollmaker. During our preliminary research, DoA mods originally saw some photos of an early work of Logan.dolls, which appeared to have been sculpted on top of a different company's head. The moderation team therefore had concerns about the legitimacy of all works created by this person. As we needed to explain the situation every time someone asked about it, due to frequent Ask the Moderators threads, we decided to add Logan.dolls to the banned list pending a proper review. After we added the company name to our banned list, Logan.dolls logged on to the forum to provide information regarding legitimacy. Unfortunately at this time, the member broke additional forum rules which resulted in the member's DoA account being banned, before the legitimacy of the works could be determined. As the creator is banned, all of their works are also banned.