Loongsoul 1/3 Dolls

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1/3 Loongsoul doll dolls (Bloom) [1]

Female dolls

  • Emily
  • Emily-Limited (2011 Spring Event head)
  • Michelle

Male dolls

  • Evan
  • JingLing
  • Hui
  • LingYu
  • XuanBing
  • XuanYan (LE)
  • XuYao
  • YaoTong
  • YeFei
  • YeSha

Doll Measurements

Height: 58cm
Head circumference: 22cm
Eyes: 14 - 16mm
Neck circumference: 9cm
Shoulder width: 11cm
Chest circumference: 23cm (Type B1 & B2)
Chest circumference: 23.5cm (Type C)
Chest circumference: 24.5cm (Type E)
Waist circumference: 16.2cm
Hip circumference: 24cm
Leg length (inseam): 30cm
Arm length: 23cm
Arm length: 18.5cm
Foot length: 7.3cm

Height: 62cm
Head: 23cm
Eyes: 14 -16mm
Circumference of neck: 10cm
Width of shoulders: 13cm
Circumference of chest: 24.8cm
Circumference of waist: 19.6cm
Circumference of hips: 25.5cm
Arm length: 24cm
Shoulder to wrist: 19.5cm
Leg length: 31cm
Feet: 7.7cm


  • Girl body chest photos for comparison: [4] [5]