Loongsoul 73.5cm Dolls

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Loongsoul's Grace line currently contains four male sculpts and one female sculpt.





Female Male
Height 69cm 73.5cm (default)*
Head 24cm
Eyes 16 - 18mm
Circumference of neck 9.5cm 11.5cm
Width of shoulders 13cm 16cm
Circumference of chest 31.5cm (bust option**) 32cm
Circumference of waist 17.5cm 22cm
Circumference of hips 30cm 29cm
Arm length 29cm
Shoulder to wrist 22cm
Leg length 38cm
Feet 7cm 8.5cm (default)
* Height: 73.5 cm (default) / By choosing different parts of the body can be 72, 73.5, or 75cm.
** Bust options: S, M, L.