Loongsoul 73.5cm Dolls

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Loongsoul's Grace line currently contains four male sculpts and one female sculpt.





Female Male
Height 69cm (flat feet) 73.5cm (default)*
Head 22cm 24cm
Eyes 16 - 18mm
Circumference of neck 9.4cm 11.5cm
Width of shoulders 13.5cm 16cm
Circumference of chest 31.5cm (bust option L**) 32cm
Circumference of waist 17.5cm 22cm
Circumference of hips 30cm 29cm
Arm length 27cm 29cm
Shoulder to wrist 21cm 22cm
Leg length 37.5cm 38cm
From bellybutton to ankle 44cm
Circumference of thigh 17.5cm
Feet 7cm 8.5cm (default)
* Height: 73.5 cm (default) / By choosing different parts of the body can be 72, 73.5, or 75cm.
** Bust options: S, M, L.