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Honey Delf is a Yo-SD sized line of dolls sculpted and sold by LUTS. They come in White and Normal skin and are available as both basics and limited full set editions. They are, mostly, named after various sweets, and their bodies are neutral gendered.



  • Height: 26cm (head included)
  • Girth of head: 6.4"
  • Girth of neck: 6cm
  • Girth of chest: 13cm
  • Girth of waist: 12cm
  • Girth of hips: 14cm
  • Length from shoulder to wrist: 7cm
  • Length of back: 6cm
  • Length of thigh: 6cm
  • Length of calf: 5cm
  • Girth of ankle: 4.8cm
  • Foot : 4cm


DoA's HDF Database (integral)