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Super Senior Delf (SSDF) are a 70cm doll line sculpted by LUTS CREATOR and distributed through LUTS. They were first released in December 2008.



  • Avalanche
    • Avalanche Romance ver.
  • Breeze
  • Cane
  • Cirrus
  • Cloud
  • Dew
  • Epirus
  • Flood
  • Gale
  • Grit
  • Landy
  • Phenix
  • Regen

Limited edition

  • Cian
    • Cian Dreaming
  • Dion
    • Dion Dreaming
  • Ethan – Midnight
  • Ethan – Night Class
  • Ignis – Dark Night (2011 Winter event)

Untold Story Limited Edition

  • Abadon – The Commander of Blue Knights Released in September, 2009. Only available in Real skin normal.
    • Abadon Dreaming head ver.
  • Regen – The General in Dark Warriors - released in July, 2010. Only available in Real skin normal.
    • Open-eyed head ver.
    • Scarred face head ver.
  • Regen – The Supreme Commander in decade ver – released in April, 20012. Available in Real skin normal, white, and gray.
    • Open-eyed head ver.
    • Scarred face head ver.

Comparison photos of Regen (in decade ver / 2012) with Regen (previous version / 2010)


Currently there are only male SSDF.

Height : 70.5cm (head included)

Circumference of head 22 cm 8.7 inch
Circumference of neck 10.5 cm 4.2 inch
Circumference of chest 31 cm 12.3 inch
Circumference of waist 23.5 cm 9.3 inch
Circumference of hips 28.5 cm 11.3 inch
Width of shoulders 16 cm 6.3 inch
Length of arm parts 21 cm 8.3 inch
Circumference of wrist 7 cm 2.8 inch
Length of back 15 cm 6 inch
Length of leg 38 cm 15 inch
Length of calf 18 cm 7.1 inch
Circumference of ankle 9 cm 3.6 inch
Foot 9.5 cm 3.8 inch

Most SSDF look best in 16 or 18mm eyes, but it is dependent on sculpt.

Hybrid compatibility

Some Senior Delf and Super Senior Delf heads are interchangeable.

LUTS Realskin normal is a peach color that may also match other companies resins. Known resin matches are Leekeworld and DIM.

Updates and improvements

The original SSDF had magnetic hands that were easy to remove to make changing clothes easier. However, they also occasionally came off unexpectedly. In early 2010, these hands were replaced with hands that slide on to the wrist joint ball and lock in place.