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M-Doll is Chinese BJD company, introduced in 2011. First dolls, Moon and Sun, were released in August, 2011.
Dolls and heads are available in porcelain (white) and wheat (suntan) colors. Full set dolls include face-up and body painting, wig, jewelry, and outfit.


1/4 dolls

  • Dream
  • Jeremy
  • Moon
  • Sun


1/4 male body
Height 45cm
Girth of the head 19cm
Eye size 14mm
Girth of the neck 7cm
Width of shoulders
Arm length 16cm
Hands length 3cm
Girth of the chest 17.5cm
Girth of the waist 15cm
Girth of the hip 20cm
Leg length 21cm
Length of the feet 5.5cm