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Minawadou was a small line of option parts and heads for BJD created by Japanese sculptor Minawa Aya between 2005 and 2007. The first public sale of Minawadou items was a Yahoo! Japan auction for a set of seiza-sitting legs; the legs were sculpted to fit and cast to match Volks SD13 boy normal resin. The seiza legs continued to be sold occasionally on Y!J, and in 2006 Minawa added two heads to her line, Saiki (sculpted for Volks SD13B and SD13G bodies) and Lenz (sculpted for Volks SD10 bodies). A third head, Inkstone, and an unjointed right forearm with attached hand were also sculpted. Inkstone was never released for sale, but a limited number of the arms were briefly available for purchase. The original Minawadou website included a photo gallery of Minawa's personal BJD collection as well as her original sculpts.

In 2006, Minawa opened an online shop on her website, as well as selling through Yahoo! Japan and at doll events in Japan. By the end of 2008, she had taken down her original Minawadou site and shop, and had turned entirely to art-doll and figure sculpting. The new website, named Ukagentou, contained images of the Saiki, Lenz, and Inkstone heads in a section of Minawa's gallery of work titled "OLD". Images of the fixed-pose arms and the seiza legs were in the main gallery section. As of late 2010, Minawa's website indicated that she was no longer active in sculpting, but had gone into the business of making and selling Japanese fabric goods under the company name Umon-ya. As of February 2014, the contents of Minawa's ukagentou.com site, including the doll gallery, no longer existed.