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Atelier MUSE (Musedoll) is Korean BJD company. Apart from dolls and heads, doll’s clothes and accessories are also offered.
Resin colors include: creamy white, rose pink, and limited suntan.


  • Special edition
  • Basic edition
    • 1/3 dolls
      • Ciel
      • Re-an
      • Reira
      • Re-che
    • 1/4 dolls
      • App
      • Phai


Petit Muse
Petit Muse
Height: 58.5cm 62cm 42cm 42cm
Girth of the head: 20.5cm 21.5cm 17cm 17cm
Eye size: 16mm
Girth of the neck: 8.3cm 9.5cm 7cm 7cm
Width of the shoulder: 9cm 11cm 6.5cm 6.5cm
Arm length: 16.3cm
Girth of the chest: 22.5cm 23cm 15.5cm 15.5cm
Girth of the waist: 14.5cm 18cm 13cm 13cm
Girth of the hip: 24cm 24cm 19cm 19cm
Leg length:
Length of the feet: 7cm 8cm 5cm 5cm

Body measurements for Re-An SD Girl

  • Shoulder to shoulder: 7.6cm
  • Neck base to shoulder seam: 2.5cm
  • Around neck: 7.9cm
  • Across the back: 6.4cm
  • Around the bust: 21.6cm
  • Front bust: 13cm
  • Back bust/chest: 8.1cm
  • Waist: 14.2cm
  • Underbust: 17.8cm
  • High bust above bustline: 19.1cm
  • Bust nipple to nipple: 4.6cm
  • Shoulder to bust point: 6.1cm
  • Shoulder to waist over bust: 10.7cm
  • Underarm to waist: 5.8cm
  • Back of neck to waist: 8.1cm
  • Arm-shoulder to elbow: 9.1cm
  • Arm- elbow to wrist: 5.8cm
  • Total arm length: 16.3cm
  • Wrist circumference: 4.8cm
  • Bicep: 6.9cm
  • Hand spread across fingers to thumb: 3.6cm
  • Upper hip: 18cm
  • Neck to hip: 14cm
  • Hip fullest: 23.6cm
  • Front of hip: 10.4cm
  • Back of hip: 13.2cm
  • Hip around ball joints: 23.6cm
  • Waist to hip: 4.3cm
  • Crotch front: 9.1cm
  • Crotch back: 9.1cm
  • Crotch total from waist: 17.8cm
  • Thigh: 13.7cm
  • Waist to floor: 37.8cm
  • Outseam waist to ankle: 35.1cm
  • Waist to knee: 20.3cm
  • Inseam: 27.4cm
  • Height: 58.5cm
  • Circumference of head: 20.5cm
  • Foot: 7cm