Mystic Dolls

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Mystic Dolls are the creations of the artist, Eglantine, based in France.

"I specify that I work alone, in my workshop at my home, and that each doll created is 100% artisanal. I really care about that, each model that I create or that I order is unique and will not be reproduced identically so that the doll you buy from me belongs entirely to you!"

{Do not confuse with Mystic Doll from Dollmore OR Mystic Kids, China}

Dolls are often pre-orders, with limited sales periods.


1/4 Dolls

  • Velkhana -- Eyes: 12mm. Wig: 6/7. “Lady” body: 41cm (head included), double seals on arms and legs, compatibility of clothing: Minifée, shoes (flat feet and feet with heels): msd. Comes with a free pair of handmade eyes, Mystic Dolls protective cover, certificate of authenticity. Choice between two heads: Elf or Human .

1/6 Dolls

  • Aria -- Human or Mermaid
  • Arielle
  • Désyria
  • Lyséria
  • Myséria
  • Nenya -- Human or Mermaid. Mermaid is about 30 cm long/tall.
  • Sylvania"