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Mythdoll was a Chinese doll company offering low priced ball jointed dolls. It was described in founder Leroi's later company Abio Angel's's advertising material as "the original Chinese bjd company". They originally launched with an unassembled genderless 1/4 scale doll kit named Little Leroi. Finished dolls in 1/3 and 1/4 scale were later launched.

Their dolls were available in normal or snowskin.

Controversy and company history

Mythdoll utilised controversial business practices including sending dolls and then charging an undeclared amount for postage, but gained a reputation for sending extra gifts (such as wigs, shoes and clothes) with their dolls and kits. Delays in delivery became longer, and eventually Mythdoll stopped sending dolls or responding to queries. Their PayPal account was frozen because of disputes, and replaced with another address. During this time, sister company Wishel was launched, while Mythdoll orders were still not being filled. Leroi initially blamed the delays and poor response rate on problems with piracy. Dennis, one of the company representatives, left Mythdoll on acrimonious terms during this time and formed his own company, Bobobie.

Many customers never received their dolls, although some were able to claim refunds from Mythdoll. The Mythdoll site continued to be active and it was still possible to place orders for at least two years after the company stopped sending out dolls or responding to customers.

Leroi went on to found Abio Angel, with several of the same sculptors, but did not address the outstanding problems with Mythdoll or Wishel.

Doll lines

1/3 female

1/4 angel (androgynous)

1/4 female