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Participation in this list is voluntary and optional.

Order period

Please list your name, order date, what was ordered, amount owed, and what option you have selected for resolution.

On hold

Name: masala_chai_tea

Order date: December 4th 2009

Ordered: Narae 60 cm (open eyes) in golden beige matte urethane

Amount: $265

Resolution: EDIT (January 7th 2011): None of my e-mails or PMs have been responded to since early November 2010 from Dollfair. Over a year has passed without any of this resolved for me.

Name: cristylee/Cristy Stone

Order Date: June 9, 2010

Ordered: Neferti LE-30 head, White Matte Urethane resin

Amount: $219.00


Waiting for refund

Name: Tosh

Order Date: june 2010

Ordered: Neferti head white matte urethane

Amount: $185

Resolution: dollfair promised to ship the head in the end of october, time passed and still nothing. Asking refund.

Name: zababee

Order Date: May-June 2010

Ordered: Neferti LE30 head real skin light tan with Custom makeup by Day ,60cm body real skin light tan large bust,extra large bust plate piinky white french resin

Amount: $100 - (780$ RECEIVED)

Resolution: Waiting for refund from Catrina.

Name: °° Kev1 °°

Order Date: February 24th, 2010

Ordered: Narin Charisma 60cm head tanning matte

Amount: $265

Resolution: Refund

Name: Byakko

Order Date: April 24, 2010

Ordered: Narin dragonfly 43cm head, milk white matte resin

Amount: $185 (with shipping)

Resolution: Refund, all my requests to Dollfair are ignored.

Name: lysel

Ordered: LE-30 Neferti head, Pinky white Matte Urethane no face-up

Order Date: June 10th 2010 (Order number: 00003574)

Amount: $185

Resolution: Time passed and still nothing; I'm tired of all this... I want a refund now please.

Name: Paddishtou

Order Date: June, 9, 2010

Ordered: Neferti LE-30 head, White Matte Urethane resin

Amount: $185

Resolution: Fed up with waiting for the head => refund requested in December 2010. UPDATE MARCH 2011 : HEAD RECEIVED FROM BIMONG ! Thank you so much, Mr Bimong, you're a *gentleman*.

Name: TAN Celine

Order Date: July 4th, 2010 (number 00003606)

Ordered: 43cm Narae faceplate, open eyes, french resin tan

Amount: $179

Resolution: Refund

Name: abbie ([email protected])

Order Date: June 16, 2010 (Order 00003587)

Ordered: Neferti LE-30 head, Neferti Limited facepainting, real skin French resin + body, w/ Limited Jewelry

Amount: $760

Resolution: Refund requested. Still waiting for resolution as of November 13.

Name: Kibou

Order Date: June 1, 2010

Ordered: 43cm Narae, open eyes, tanning matte urethane resin, small bust, classic knee system, NEW open Narae hands, default face painting, w/ sanded seams and both ears pierced + closed Narae hands in tanning matte urethane resin

Amount: $577.00

Resolution: Refund (still pending)

Name: Gercog

Order Date: June, 2010

Ordered: LE-Neferti head, Golden Beige Matte Urethane resin, no make up

Amount: $185.00

Resolution: I want a refund.

Name: mojomaca

Order Date: January 15, 2010

Ordered: Dandelion

Amount: $510

Resolution: Refund please.

Name: PacificBlue

Order #: OnlineOrder_00003567

Mold: LE-30 Neferti head, no make up, golden beige urethane.

Month/Order: June 9, 2010

Total: $160

Demand: Unsure if this is correct info, but I read on the Narindoll Waiting Room that Neferti is NOT limited? If this is the case I would like a refund please. I purchased this piece due to the fact that it was Limited.

Status: Waiting for refund please.

Name: julsw

Order #: OnlineOder_00003593

Mold: Narin Charisma head pinky-white

Month/Order: June 18, 2010

Total: $242

Status: refund please.

Name: Kaye

Order #: 00003584 (head) and 00003591 (body)

Ordered: blank Neferti head and small bust body both in tan french resin

Order date: June 2010

Total: $660

Status: requesting a refund

Name: clotho0377

Order #: OnlineOrder_00003317

Ordered: 1 - Narae 43 cm, NEW Narae Dreamer, pinky white matte, small bust, new knee system, NEW open Narae hands, no facepaint

Month/Order: February 02, 2010

Total: $590.00

Status: refund or please use those funds to ship me back my doll boxes and doll stands.

Name: obsessed_mimiko

Order Date: August 20th, 2010, Order#03644

Ordered: 43cm Golden Beige Narin Butterfly Face (default faceup) with classic knee joint

Amount: $550.00

Resolution: Refund

Name: I_DekuPhantomme

Order date: June 10th 2010

Ordered: LE-Neferti head, matte tan urethane

Amount: $160

Resolution: Refund, please.

Name: Janine Bringe (DoA: Angelguardian)

Ordered: 1 - Neferti LE-30 head + Neferti Limited facepainting, Tan Matte Urethane resin

Order DATE June 8, 2010 (Order 00003558)

Amount: $210.00

Resolution: Had hoped to receive this head....tired of want refund.

Waiting for doll

Name: Cenarius

Order Date: June 09, 2010

Ordered: LE-30 Neferti head, White Matte Urethane resin, w/o face-up

Amount: $185

Resolution: I really want the head, but if not possible - refund.

Name: keisetsu

Order Date: June 11, 2010

Ordered: LE-30 Neferti head, golden beige matte urethane resin, w/o face-up

Amount: $185

Resolution: I really want the head, but if not possible - refund.

Name: Astrid Mulder

Order Date: March 2 + 3 2010

Ordered: Narae 43 cm clasic face + butterfly head tan matte urethane

Amount: 535 + 160 = $ 695

Resolution: I want my doll and if this is not possible I want a refund.

Name: Debra

Order Date: Feb 16, 2010

Ordered: Dandelion 38 cm

Choose Skin Color: golden beige matte resin

Face Painting: Narin Make Up Team

Seam Sanding: please sand the seams

Ear Piercing: none

Amount: $630

Resolution: If not possible to receive my doll, then a refund.

Name: Kibou

Order Date: June 12, 2010

Ordered: LE-Neferti head, Golden Beige Matte Urethane resin

Amount: $185.00

Resolution: If not possible to receive my doll, then a refund.

Name: La Renard

Order date: June 2010 (Nr. 00003579)

Ordered: LE-Neferti head, white urethane

Amount: $160

Resolution: I want to get doll head, If it would be not not possible - than I'll ask for refund

Name: radu

Order Date: June 9th, 2010

Ordered: Limited Neferti head in white matte urethane + limited Neferti Jewelry

Amount: $235.00

Resolution: Want my doll head and refund for jewelry

Name: Sharon (Stella Maris on Den of Angels)

Order Date: April 30, 2010

Order: Neo-Narae

Resolution: Want the doll

Name: cristylee

Order #: order #00003556

Mold: LE-30 Neferti head, Tan French Resin, blank

Month/Order: June 10th, 2010

Total: $160

Status: Waiting for head :)

Name: yiuu

Order No.: 00003554

Order Date: June 09 2010

Ordered: LE Neferti blank head

Amount: $185

Resolution: I would still like the head.

Name: Soof

Order Date: May 12 , 2010

Ordered: narae dreamer tan french, big bust new hand old knees

Amount: $485.00

Resolution: Want my doll ^^


Name: Bridget McCall

Order Date: May 2010

Ordered: Narae my angel + outfit, narin angel, classic narae fp, new hands, all in pinky white french resin

Amount: $1545 (incorrect amount - should have been 1594.)

Resolution: Refund Refund recieved - $1494 for origional order of dolls only. Emailing catrina as I sent an addtional $100 for outfit as well which I think has been overlooked. 1 Nov - $100 extra paid FULL REFUND ISSUED, THANKYOU!

Name: yoake

Order Date: June 6th, 2010

Ordered: Narae 43cm 1/3 Open eye, default bust, no faceup, old knees, New open hands, Pinky White urethane + complimentary high heel feet

Amount: $465 (with shipping)

Resolution: *31/10: Received refund.

Name: ellerybears

Order Date: January 25, 2010

Ordered: Narae 43cm, standard open eyes, golden beige matte, small bust, old knees, open hands, no faceup, no seams sanded/ear piercing, zone2 shipping

Amount: $515.00

Resolution: I am wanting a refund & have been promised this next week (todays date is 17/10/2010)

STATUS: Refund recieved, with thanks :)

Name: rykaan

Order Date: May 10th, 2010

Ordered: Narae 43cm 2/3 eyes head

Amount: $170

Resolution: Refund received. Thank you Catrina for all your hard work!

Name: derilan85

Order Date: May 30, 2010

Ordered: Narin 43cm Classic Face Head, Tan French Resin, Day facepainting

Amount: $219.00

Resolution: Recieved Refund, many thanks!!!

Name: .An

Order Date: March 05th, 2010

Ordered: 43cm Narin Dragonfly/ golden beige matte resin/ classic knee system/ no makeup

Amount: $535


Name: Roussinette

Order Date: February 27th, 2010

Ordered: 43cm Narae Butterfly/ pinky white matte resin/ classic knee system/ no makeup/ large bust/NEW open Narae hands

Amount: $540

Resolution: Refund received. Thank you Catrina

Name: AnnieStar

Order Date: June 9th, 2010 (head) & June 21st, 2010 (body)

Ordered: Limited Neferti head, limited jewelry & body in tan matte urethane resin

Amount: $690

Resolution: Full refund received.

Name: mandagore

Order date: June 30th 2010

Ordered: Narin 60cm Charisma in matte tan urethane w/ sanding service

Amount: $735

Resolution: Refund received, with much thanks (10/23)

Name: papayebong

Order Date: February 15, 2010

Ordered: Narae 60cm, standard open eyes, tan matte, large bust, no faceup, no seams sanded/no ear piercing, zone1 shipping

Amount: $745.00

Resolution:Refund Done! thank you!!

Name: milachii

Order Date: August 23, 2010

Ordered: 43cm Narae, 2/3 open eyes, pinky white urethane resin, no face paint, old knee joints.

Amount: $485.00

Resolution: REFUND RECEIVED. Thank you very much!

Name: Dev Kimiko

Order Date: August 1, 2010

Ordered: Matt Tan Urethane Open-eyed Narae 43.

Amount: $460

Resolution: Refund received November 5. Thanks!

Name: angeline425

Order Date: May 25, 2010

Ordered: Narae 43cm,1/3 open eyes, classic knee system, no makeup, large bust, normal matte urethane

Amount: $465.00 (invoice ID 00003543)

Resolution: received refund on Oct 28th. Thank you very much.

Name: killiya

Order Date: March 10th, 2010

Ordered: Narin 43cm Classic Face Head

Amount: $185 (with shipping)

Resolution: If not possible to receive my doll head, then a refund.

STATUS: Refund received. Thank you Catrina!

Name: LaraT

Order Date: August 2010

Ordered: Narae 43cm classic, old knee system, small bust, new open hands, no make-up, both ears piercing + new Narin dreamer FP + new closed hands, all in tanning french resin

Amount: $686

Resolution: Refund received, many thanks!

Name: Nocturneofsilence

Order Date: 6th of June

Ordered: Neferti head w/ jewelry

Amount: $210


Name: courtney

Order Date: June 28, 2010

Ordered: 43cm narae, milky white urethane resin, classic face, no face-paint, classic hands + closed hands

Amount: $517

Resolution: UPDATE: refund received.

Name: Toabird7

Order Date: June 23, 2010

Ordered: Narae 43cm tan resin, classic face with faceup, sanded seams, classic hands and closed hands

Amount: $637