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NT doll (New Territories Doll) is a Chinese company established in 2011, English website was introduced in November, 2012. [1]
Dolls are available in Snow skin, White skin, and Pink skin resin colors.


1/3 dolls

Girls (61cm):

  • Crystal
  • Lotus
  • Pearl
  • Rose
  • Xun

Boys (62cm):

  • Night
  • Sunflower

1/4 dolls

Girls (43cm):

  • Angella
  • Liuli
  • Liusu

Animal dolls

  • Fionn
  • Honghong
  • Miaomiao
    • Miaomiao [Pirate captain]


1/3 Girl 1/3 Boy 1/4 Girl Animal
Height / Height excluding head 61cm / 52.5cm 62cm / 54cm 43cm / 36cm 11cm / 7cm
Head 22.4cm 22.3cm 17.8cm
Circumference of neck 8.9cm 9.3cm 6.8cm 4.9cm
Width of shoulders 12cm 13.6cm 8.5cm
Circumference of chest L chest: 26cm
S chest: 24.8cm
Circumference of waist 17.3cm 19cm 13.4cm
Circumference of hips 26.6cm 24.2cm 18.2cm
Arm length (including hand) 17.8cm 18cm 13cm 2.8cm
Underarm length 9cm 9cm 6.2cm 1.2cm
Hand length 5.3cm 5.6cm 4cm
Leg length 16.3cm 2.4cm
Thigh length 16.5cm 29.8cm 10.9cm
Thigh circumference 15.5cm 14.8cm 11cm
Calf circumference 10.4cm 10.5cm 8cm
Foot length 7.2cm 7.5cm 5.3cm 2cm
Foot width 2.9cm 2.8cm 2.2cm 1.3cm


E-Mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
yahoo!messenger: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]