Nobility Doll

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Nobility Doll is a Korean BJD company.
Special [1] / Group [2] orders are available.


1/3 dolls

  • Aria (sleeping head)
  • Edward Moon
  • Lie
  • Roan (LE10 / Summer 2009 event)
  • Royce
  • Ryoma (Full operation Ryoma)
  • Wolf Man


  • Scon
  • Scon&KFC ver. (LE)
  • Scon band ver. (LE)
  • Scon sleeping ver. (LE)
  • Taro
  • Taro The King of Swords (LE)
  • Taro The Leader (LE)
  • Tato The Snow White (LE)



70 Emotional body Emotional boy body Lie body
Height 70cm 63cm 57cm
Girth of the head 8inch
Eye size
Girth of the neck 10.5cm 10cm 9cm
Width of the shoulder 15.5cm 13.5cm 13cm
Length of the back 16cm 14cm
Arm length 9 from shoulder to wrist) 21cm 18.7cm 18.5cm
Circumference of wrist 7cm
Girth of the chest 30.5cm 24cm 23cm
Girth of the waist 23cm 20.3cm 18cm
Girth of the hip 29cm 24.5cm 23cm
Leg length (from waist line to ankle) 39cm 35cm 30cm
Length of the calves 19cm
Circumference of ankle 9.2cm
Length of the feet 9cm 7.3cm 7.2cm
Weight 2kg


Girl body Muscle female body
(Group order)
Height 58cm 60cm
Girth of the head 9inch
Eye size
Girth of the neck
Width of the shoulder
Back length 10cm
Arm length 17cm
Forearm length 9cm
Girth of the chest 23cm
Girth of the waist 17.5cm
Girth of the hip 25cm
Thigh length 15cm
Girth of ankle 7cm
Length of the feet 6.7cm
Weight 1.1kg


Scon body
Height 8cm
Girth of the head 13.5cm
Eye size
Girth of the neck 4.5cm
Width of the shoulder 3.7cm
Arm length 3.5cm
Girth of the chest 8.3cm
Girth of the waist 9cm
Girth of the hip 9.5cm
Leg length 3.7cm
Length of the feet 2.2cm