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Notdoll Lab was founded in 2001, as a small doll art group in Korea. They focus strongly on customer service and offer one-on-one instruction for people who want to create their own dolls.

!! As of September 2012, the Notdoll website is gone and there has been no announcement as to the fate of the company. Many people have not received dolls they ordered in 2012 !!

Artist Information

BJ. R is Notdoll Lab's main artist, although there are others that work for the company. BR. J, studied under Yoztuya Simon of Ecole de Simon in Tokyo.

Doll lines

NDLC Lady (1/3 female dolls)

NDLC Man (1/3 male dolls)

NDLC Girl (1/4 female dolls)

NDLC Boy (1/4 male dolls)

NDLC Princess (1/4 female dolls)

NDLC Nari-Pon (1/12 dolls)

NDLC Baby (1/12 dolls)

Roxy in the NDLC (1/6 dolls)