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Oasisdoll is the company name for the work of Chinese sculptor Sarina. She has been selling 60cm girl dolls since 2008. The Oasisdoll girls are characterized by sleek, elegant figures and youthful Asian faces with bright, open expressions.

Dolls: Available in Normal Skin. Some Chic girls available in White Skin. Fist hands also available. Some of the sculpts only available in limited editions.

The original single-jointed Oasisdoll body was discontinued in 2012, and was upgraded to the It girl body.


A. Chic girl

    Height: 62.5 cm (Normal Feet / 64.5 cm(High-Heel Feet)
    Head Circumference: 20.5 cm
    Neck Circumference: 9.5 cm
    Chest-Bust Circumference: 26 cm
    Waist Circumference: 18.5 cm
    Hips Circumference: 28.0 cm
    Foot Length: 7.0 cm
        1. Jessie (LE 30)(white skin only)
        2. Jadeite (LE 30)(normal skin only)
        3. Sacha (LE 30)(white skin only)

B. It girl

    Height: 59 cm (Normal Feet) / 61 cm (High-Heel Legs)
    Head Circumference: 20 cm
    Neck Circumference: 9.5 cm
    Chest-Bust Circumference: 24 cm
    Waist Circumference: 17.5 cm
    Hips Circumference: 25.5 cm
    Foot Length: 7.0 cm
        1. Yaoyue
        2. Natalie (discontinued)
        3. Linglan
        4. Naomi
        5. Anya (never released)
        6. Sarah (never released)
        7. Moli
        8. Roxanne
        9. Sleeping Yaoyue
       10. Sleeping Linglan
       11. Sleeping Naomi

C. Male dolls

    Heads only
        1. Chaoyang (never released) - he came with a male body that was also never released
        2. Alejandro
        3. Tian Qing
        4. Zi Lan