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Heads are not sold separately.
Heads are not sold separately.
* [[50cm Girl]]
* [[50cm Girl]]
* [[27cm Doll]]
* [[26cm Doll]]
== Heads ==
== Heads ==

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OceanMoon is a small Korean doll company comprised of two artists Se-yeon and Bong-lim.

Doll Lines

These are whole dolls which OceanMoon makes available by pre-order. Heads are not sold separately.


Currently, OceanMoon produces 60cm doll compatable heads available by pre-order. These releases are produced as editions.


  • 50cm Girl Body
  • Magnetic Kitten Ear Parts (Sharp or Round tip) for 27cm & 50cm dolls
  • Magnetic Teddy Bear Ear Parts
  • Option Fist Parts for 27cm Doll