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==Pathos Tale==


Pathos means a quality that evokes pity or sadness.

Pathos Tale formed in 2014 and released their first doll (Pan) in 2016. Their dolls are themed around fairy tales, with a twist. The primary inspiration is the imperfections in life and the fact that what we idealize isn't necessarily our reality.

The aesthetic of Pathos Tale's dolls to date is very distinctive, and fits with their vision of creating a dark fantasy world.

All of Pathos Tale's dolls are hand sculpted and they originally set out to release only blank dolls, to encourage the creativity of their customers. However, full sets are now available for certain of their dolls.

They are affiliated with Ringdoll, in that they are two different brands that belong to the same parent company. Both have their own theme and design team, but there is some crossover in the bodies used (at least with regards to the existing Pathos Tale 1/4 twins).


1/3 - SD

  • Pan - released in May 2016 (30 sets limited)
  • MiSheng - released June 2017 (discontinued after Sept 30th 2017)

1/4 - MSD

  • LuoNa - released in July 2016 (discontinued after Oct 31st 2016)
  • LuoSheng - released in July 2016 (discontinued after Oct 31st 2016)

It is unclear at this stage as to whether the 'discontinued' dolls are permanently retired, or will be available for re-release in the future.

===Resin Colours===

Pathos Tale have previously confirmed their resin includes UV protection.

To date, Pathos Tale have listed their dolls as available in three resin colours: 'Pure White', 'Normal' and 'Tan', although tan isn't available for MiSheng.

===Ordering Process===

Dolls can be ordered by creating an account on Pathos Tale's website and ordering through the site, or alternatively by e-mailing their sales team (contact details are provided on the website, as well as a full ordering FAQ).