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Pavilion is the creation of Japan-based artist Sisiko. They produce only doll heads and accessory parts (plus non-doll goods).

60-75 cm

Known to fit on SD17 sized bodies or 75cm tall Spirit Doll Herculean body

  • PAViLiON.K - Lion head with ears
  • PAViLiON.K - Lion head special DOLK shop edition - normal skin resin, a pair of ears, a pair of antlers, a pair of eyes and a "wig" mane in a choice of brown, beige, black, white or red. (12/14/2015)
  • PAViWoLF.K - wolf head with ears
  • PAViHoUND.K - hound head with ears

30 cm

30 cm bodies like YoSD suggested

  • PAViLiON.P - lion head, set of magnets plus ears and tail