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Den of Angels member map

The map shows the distribution of Den of Angels members around the world.

Den of Angels member map

Adding your location to the map

Add your info to this list by clicking the 'edit' link on the right hand side to the list below.

Post your city, state/province/etc, country (ie- Chicago, Ill, USA) to the list below.

Once you are done click 'Save page'. Please do not edit anything else on this page. Only add your info.

youstolemysoul and Gothic Shadow will add you to the map and will delete the info here.

If you need to change your location, just say "My current location is ______. I'd like to CHANGE my location to ______."

Please take note: We will not list meetup groups. This is so no one feels obligated to join said group. We wish to keep the community open for anyone to make a small or big meetup of there own.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Gothic Shadow

Thank you :)

List of members who'd like to be added to the map

DoA name: City, State/Province, Country.