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About Pipos

The Korean company, Pipos, was established in 2006. Though they are more famously known for their anthro lines, Pipos also makes non-anthro dolls on occasion. Their first anthro doll, Baha, didn’t come along until early 2007. Inspired by the company’s office cat, sculptor Kwak Jong Chul spent three years developing Baha- the cat doll that would soon become the company’s mascot.

Since Baha, Pipos has released several different types of animal dolls and non-anthro dolls in a variety of sizes and resin colors, as well as make improvements to previous sculpts. As of 2011, Pipos continues to grow strong in their design and creativity.

About Ordering & Payment

Pipos releases a mix of limited and standard edition dolls throughout the year. Announcements of these items are usually made a few weeks prior to sale date on their official blog and website, as well as here on DOA. Generally there is a time period in which you can order the dolls which is stated on the website.

You can order directly from Pipos or from one of their authorized retailers: Denver Doll Emporium. The main benefits of ordering from the Pipos site directly is the security and chance to be entered into their special drawings.

Pipos does accept three month layaway. Their terms can be found here: [1] And payment/Paypal information can be found here: [2]

Anthro Sizes

Non-Anthro Sizes


Contact on DoA: pipi7814