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Psyche Line

Psyche is an amateur doll maker located in Korea. She sculpts heads only, and designs them for specific body types made by other companies. Her doll heads all feature smooth, stylized faces with large eyes, small mouths and delicate chins, but each face is stylized in a way that matches the body type for which it was intended.

Doll Heads

  • Saseum (discontinued)
    • released in May of 2006
    • made to fit Volks MSD body
    • normal skin
  • X (discontinued)
    • released in June of 2006
    • made to fit Dollshe 70cm body
    • normal skin
    • 16mm eyes
    • 8-9in wig
  • A
    • released in February of 2009
    • made to fit Volks SD13 boy or girl body
    • normal skin
    • 18mm eyes recommended, but 16mm eyes okay if some gap is acceptable
    • 9-10in wig