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Real Missing Link (RML) is a Japanese BJD company that sold only doll heads. The tone of their resin was specifically made to match Volks skintones and the head sculpts appear to have been heavily influenced by Volks in some cases.

During its existence, RML has made tiny, MSD, and SD sized heads. In 2008, the company's sales slowed down considerably; as of 2010, RML lists heads for sale only occasionally on Yahoo!Japan. The company's focus appears to have shifted primarily to 22cm and 27cm dolls.

The company's popularity may originally have been boosted due to the fact that their elf heads weren't limited, and were more easily accessible than Volks FCS or the limited elf headmolds of Luts.

A '0' body was introduced in 2014.

Head Sculpts

  • 22 cm dolls (about 9 inches tall)
    • Head GM-01
  • 27 cm dolls (about 10.5 inches tall)
    • Head G-02
    • Head G-10SR
  • 40 cm dolls (MSD size)
    • Head M-01MX
    • Head M-10
    • Head M-11
    • Head M-12
    • Head M-20F
    • Head M-50AN
    • Head M-30
  • 60 cm dolls (SD size)
    • Head R-01
    • Head R-02
    • Head R-03 or R-20J
    • Head X-01
    • Head W-02 (sleeping head)
  • 60 cm dolls (intended for Dollfie Dream)
    • Head K-01
    • Head K-02
    • Head K-03


'0' body [1]

  • Height: 38cm (The height varies depending on the type of the head)
  • Bust: 15cm
  • Waist: 11cm
  • Hips: 16cm
  • Foot: 4.5cm