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ResinSoul (or RS) is a sister company of Bobobie. They offer several lines of dolls in a very affordable price range. Sizes range from tinies (including anthros) to 70cm. They also offer option parts such as horns, and dolls with fantasy parts such as faun legs and heads with large elf ears.

Relationship with Bobobie

Though ResinSoul designs and sells their own molds on their website, they use Bobobie to cast their dolls. Bobobie also sells most molds designed by ResinSoul. Resinsoul dolls ordered from the Bobobie website use Resinsoul bodies by default; they can be special-ordered with heads or bodies from the Bobobie line when ordering from Bobobie. This service is not available from the ResinSoul website.

ResinSoul dolls are not distinguished from Bobobie dolls on the Bobobie website or from some dealers. This has lead to some confusion about the distinction between the companies, and ResinSoul dolls are quite commonly misidentified as Bobobie dolls. Because of the close relationship between the companies, they are also often discussed together.

Default body types and hybridising between the two companies

By default, Bobobie and ResinSoul dolls with come with bodies from their own company; however, ResinSoul dolls ordered from Bobobie’s webpage can be requested with Bobobie bodies, and vice versa. Bobobie heads and bodies are not available from ResinSoul. Some dealers, however, that stock dolls from both companies will label dolls from both companies as Bobobie dolls, which can cause some confusion. In that case, the default body will be determined by the company which designed the headsculpt.

It should be noted, however, that Bobobie heads and bodies are in general larger than ResinSoul heads and bodies, and may give a different proportional effect. The size of individual doll head sculpts may also vary within the same line by the same company, meaning that some heads are more readily hybridised with bodies from the sister company than others. Please see the pages for individual doll lines or sculpts for more detailed information.

Apparent price differences

As BBB include faceup in their basic price (which the option to remove it at a discount) and ResinSoul offer faceups as an optional extra, the same RS doll can appear to be different price at the two websites. However, this difference is caused only by the ways the companies choose to list their dolls, and the prices are in fact identical.

Resin colors and attributes

One of the most appealing and unique attributes of ResinSoul, besides the low prices, are their many specialty resin colors. Besides White Skin (paper white) and Normal Skin (pale pink normal), RS also offers coffee (light tan), red, pink, green, gray, dark gray, lavender, light blue, and most recently, a darker blue based off of the Na'Vi from the hit movie, Avatar. They also have darker tan (chocolate) that is available by special request only due to issues with discoloration of the resin.

The resin is comparatively lightweight, very smoothly sanded by default, and has a distinctive waxen sheen.

Doll lines


Dolls come with sanded seams, free acrylic eyes, and are sent with a carrying case and pillows when ordered from ResinSoul or a padded drawstring satin bag when ordered from Bobobie, JunkySpot, and Denver Doll.

Special options include:

Basic face-up (+$10) Custom face-ups are available by request via email when ordered direct and may cost extra.

Resin color options:

  • Normal skin and white skin (no extra charge)
  • Coffee/light tan, pink, blue, sky blue, green, lavender, red, gray (extra charge $12-14)

Dark tan/chocolate and dark grey skin can be specially requested at an extra charge (+$20).

All parts, such as horns, hooves, heads, hands, bodies or any single body part can be bought separately, by special request via email to Bobobie or ResinSoul direct.


Resinsoul waiting list

You can find and add your entry to the Resinsoul waiting list.


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