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Another Space 2 sells the BJD line Rolly Dolly. It is unclear whether or not the Rolly Dolly Dolls are part of the same company, or if Another Space 2 is selling third party Rolly Dolly Dolls.

The dolls have a distinct wide-eyed, gentle, solemn appearance with child-like bodies. Each doll is offered as a basic in normal skintone with eyes with the option of adding face-up and wig. OOAK and limited edition full sets have been offered with distinct face-ups and clothing sets. It is unclear from the body pictures whether or not the bodies are single or double-jointed. They do not currently sell heads and bodies separately.

At present Rolly Dolly offers 1/6 and 1/4 female sculpts and has offered 1/3 male sculpts in the past.

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