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Roserindoll is the new website for the artist Yuna, who previously sold her head sculpts at Cozydoll. Roserindoll was opened in July 2012.


At the moment, Roserindoll head sculpts can be ordered in urethane resin that is compatible with Volks.

1/3 heads

1/6 dolls

  • Rodi
  • Roni


1/3 heads

  • Head size: 9"
  • Eyes: 16~18mm
  • Body: 60~65cm boy body / 60cm girl body
  • Skin: Normal, White

1/6 dolls

  • Height: 25.7cm
  • Head size: 6inch
  • Eyes: 16mm


  • [1] Official website
Contact on DoA: melina