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Volks released Irwin & Kaelin as a Super Dollfie 13 male dolls. They are the same mold, but differ in skin color. They are part of the Volks Journey to Dream Nights story arc, as Chapter 4. However, the original release of Irvin din't include him as a Journey to Dream Nights mold, only after his rerelease with Kaelin did they become part of the story arc.


Head design was by ZOUKEI-MURA INC. Outfits were designed by Sawako Araki.


Original release of Irvin was at New York Dolpa 3. Kaelin was also present at this Dolpa, but only as a display model. This doll has since been rerealesed at:

  • Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 6, as both Irvin and Kaelin

Included and optional parts

Included with Irvin:

  • Eyes: HG Glass Eye: Deep Aqua with Black line:18mm(VOLKS original color)
  • Makeup: ZOUKEI-MURA Air-Brushed Make-up, UV Coated
  • Wig: Original Style: Color: Mixed color, DD size
  • Body: Super Dollfie 13 Boy body, L-02 (Long Leg), Pure Skin Ebony, UV Protection
  • Outit: Robe, Hood with Attached Scarf, Off-the-Shoulder Detached Sleeves, Waist Sash, Sandals
  • Painted Ear Parts (2 pairs: SD-E-05 & SD-E-08)

Included with Kaelin:

  • Eyes: HG Glass Eyes: Deep Aqua with Black line: 18mm (Volks Original Color)
  • Makeup: Zoukei-mura Air-brushed Makeup, UV Coated
  • Wig: Original Style, Color: 613 / Ivory, DD Size
  • Body: SD13 Boy Body, L-02 Long Legs, Pure Skin White, UV Protection
  • Outfit: Robe, Hood with Attached Scarf, Short Cape, Waist Sash, Sandals
  • Painted Ear Parts (2 pairs: SD-E-05 & SD-E-08)

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