SD16 Daria

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Volks released Daria as a Super Dollfie 16 female doll. She's part of the Volks Maidens' Promises story arc.


Head design was by ZOUKEI-MURA INC.

  • Doll Design: aone
  • Outfit Design: VOLKS Doll Design Department


Original release was at Dolpa 24.

Included and optional parts


  • Eyes: HG Glass Eyes, Green Gray, 18mm
  • Makeup: ZOUKEI-MURA Air-brushed Makeup, UV Coated
  • Wig: Original Style, Mixed Color, DD Size
  • Body: SD16 Girl Body, Pure Skin Normal, UV Protection
  • Outfit: Headband, Fur Stole, Jacket with Ribbon Belt, Frilled Blouse, Lacy Pleated Skirt, Tulle Petticoat, Thigh-High Socks, Ribbon & Lace Panties, Pearl Flower Pumps

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