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Volks released Sora as a Super Dollfie Cute female doll. Sora and Toki came with an order form that allows owners to purchase extra limited edition SDC hands. As well as the three types of default SDC girl hands (including the curled hands that Kaede Sweet Dreams had) and the default SDC boy hands, there were also special 'peace' (V) symbol hands, as well as a pair of holding hands that are one boy hand holding one girl hand. These hands are only available to those who purchased these two SDC, but multiple sets of hands can be ordered by each single owner.

Although all of Sora's original information (including the booklet that comes with her) listed her bust size as 'Large', there was a special insert including in her packaging that stated that the printed information was incorrect and that her bust size is in fact 'Medium'.


Head design was by ZOUKEI-MURA INC. Doll Design was by aone and Outfit Design by Kaori Saito.


Original release was at Dolpa 21 (5th May, 2009).

Included and optional parts


  • Eyes: HG Glass Eye: Light Violet: 16mm
  • Makeup: ZOUKEI-MURA Air-brushed Makeup, UV Coated
  • Wig: Original Style, Color: 27 / Natural Gold, SD Cute Size
  • Body: SD Cute Girl Body, Pure Skin Normal, UV Protection
  • Outfit: Low-Waisted Sailor Dress, Chiffon Ribbon, Chemise, Bloomers, Socks, Lace-up Boots

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