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   * Height: 62cm
   * Weight : 1.6kg
   * Circumference of head: 21cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
   * Circumference of neck: 9.8cm
   * Circumference of chest: Large size: 30cm Medium size: 28.4cm
   * Width of shoulder: 12.5cm
   * Length of arm: 19.5cm
   * Circumference of wrist: 5cm
   * Circumference of arm: 8cm
   * Circumference of waist: 19.6cm
   * Circumference of pelvis: 29.6cm
   * Circumference of thigh: 17cm
   * From waist to tiptoe: 40cm
   * Circumference of ankle: 6.7cm
   * Length of foot: 7.5cm 

--Descending Twilight 17:00, 8 November 2010 (UTC)