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Hello! I own a Lati Yellow Lami, Claire. In addition to improving the Lati pages, I am editing dollmakers pages to be a little more cohesive. It's soothing to fix link, text, and list formatting, so I do that a lot.

If you'd like to help me out, please leave a note on my talk page. Check out what I am currently working on at my sandbox or look at my giant to do list here. :)


DoA Wiki

External Links

My Guidelines

Because I am anal, I try to make each company, line, and sculpt page I encounter conform to basic style and formatting standards. ;)

Pages may contain more sections than I reference. In that case, I check over them for spelling and formatting errors, but largely leave them as-is.


  1. Pages should not have an "about" section - the introduction should be at the top of the page. (ala Wikipedia)
  2. Doll company name should be bolded and at the beginning of the first sentence (or close to it).
  3. The introduction should include where the company is based.
  4. If this first section is long enough, company history should be made into its own subsection.
  1. Unless the company is very small and does not have lines, link to each line in this format: * [[ Companyabbreviation/name LineName | LineName]]
    1. Example: * [[Latidoll Yellow Line | Yellow]]
    2. If the company has a commonly used abbreviation (DoD, AoD, etc.) I use that instead of the full company name.
    3. It is important to append the company name to lines because more than one company may use that name (same goes for sculpts)!
  1. Link to the company's website is always first, and is always formatted as: * [ Company Name] Official website
  2. Other links follow. Many times they show up improperly as [1], when it should look like Google
    1. Additional text (like Official Dealer) should come after the link.
  3. In some cases, there is an additional link section listing dealer websites. I usually leave these alone because I don't want to make someone angry. :x
    1. If there are dealer links, country abbreviations should go outside the link (example: Junky Spot (U.S.) )

Line Pages

  1. Line name should be bolded and near the beginning of the first sentence.
  2. The main company page should be referenced in the first sentence as well.
  3. This section should also include (at a minimum) the line's height and similarities to any well-known lines like MSD, YoSD, etc.
  1. Some pages call it molds. I tend to rename it to sculpts since molds/moulds sounds unpleasant. :D
  2. There should be a list of sculpts listed here, with a link to individual sculpt pages (though they may all be redlinks.)
    1. Be SURE to append each sculpt name with the company and line. There are a few exceptions, like Iplehouse's EID, YID, etc. I just named them YID ___.
  1. Should be listed in a list (duh!) and formatted as such: Height: 20 cm (begins with capital letter, space after colon, space between measurement and unit, no period after unit)
  1. Not sure yet, actually. I haven't really seen any yet so I don't know.
  1. Ensure each link is formatted properly and is still alive (i.e. the page is still there)

Lati Stuff

Random Notes

  • Main page order:
    • intro
    • order periods
      • delay D:
    • doll lines (done)
    • links to DoA and off-site resources (done)
  • Line pages
    • basic description with height (done, but should be rewritten)
    • basic molds (link to page, though they may not be created. Format: Lati <line name: White, Yellow, etc.> <sculpt name>) (done)
    • special release molds (Gabie, Aabie, etc.) (done)
    • body measurements in list format
    • compatible hybrids
    • links to Lati site, DoA database threads, flickr group

How to include special releases???

  • On line page? (would need to differentiate between special event sculpts)
  • On sculpt page? (list which releases its been a part of?)
  • Separate release pages?

Lati To Do List

Main Page

  • Move "introduction" section to top of page (not under a heading)
  • Remove listing of all molds on front page
  • List lines (White, Yellow, Green, etc.) and link to the line page
  • Create line pages (White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red)
  • Rewrite or expand sections:
    • intro (perhaps include premium makeup service here?)
    • order periods/delay

Line pages

  • Add measurements from sandbox when completed (white, yellow, green, blue, red)
  • Get a picture of all Lati lines (including SPs) lined in order for quick reference (Perhaps include in each Lati line page - outline applicable dolls) (are pictures possible?)
  • Find flickr link and DoA database link if applicable (white, green, blue, red)
  • Research hybrids (white, yellow, green, blue, red)