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Creating a new page with a comprehensive to do list. Hope the mods don't mind me creating pages in my namespace all willy nilly like this. :x

Add [[Category:Dollmakers]] to the bottom of all company pages (not line or sculpt pages) Added to all current dollmaker pages as of 7/26/2011

Add [[Category:Defunct Companies]] to the bottom of all dollmakers that have gone out of business

Add [[Category:Doll Terms]] to the bottom of pages that deal with BJD terms (White Skin, limited edition, etc.) and [[Category:Customization Terms]] to the bottom of pages that deal with customizing (sueding, modifications, etc.)

Dollmakers A-C

  • Alchemic Labo: Create line pages and move sculpts to those pages.
  • Alice In Labyrinth: Create line pages and move sculpts to those pages.
  • Angell-Studio: On line pages, reformat headers (too big right now), add short intro with height, reformat sculpts list, change measurements to a list, add link to company website
  • Angel Region: Technically, all the line info should be moved to separate pages. May not get done soon, if ever.
  • ANother Secret: Series need to be broken into pages and measurements moved there. I don't have enough info for this.
  • Bobobie: Lots of work on lines pages.
  • Camellia Dynasty: Editing line pages, currently C.D.Minister
  • Cherishdoll: Lines need to be appended with company name and moved to new pages

Dollmakers D-F

Dollmakers G-I

Dollmakers J-L

Dollmakers M-O

Dollmakers P-R

  • PeaksWoods: Make new line pages with company name, redirect contents
  • Rosen Lied: Needs to have sculpt links on Monday and Tuesday lines moved and links updated. (Just use Monday's Child __ and Tuesday's Child __, as I did for Wednesday's Child)

Dollmakers S-U

  • Unidoll: Create line pages to list sculpts.

Dollmakers V-Z

Blank pages

Pages that aren't created or pages that only have a website link on them.