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General abbreviations

  • ABJD: Asian Ball-jointed doll, sometimes written as BJD ("ball-jointed doll")
  • AFAIK: as far as I know
  • BJD: Ball-jointed doll, sometimes written as ABJD ("Asian ball-jointed doll")
  • BUMP: Bring Up My Post, a term that means commenting only to bring the thread up to the top of the subforum
  • BW: Beauty White, originally used specifically for the original oldskin Volks white skin tone; now used generically with many companies. Sometimes used interchangeably with WS (White Skin) or, for Soom dolls, CW (Cream White).
  • COA: Certificate of Authenticity
  • FR: French resin
  • LB: Large Bust
  • LE: Limited Edition
  • MIB: (general term) Mint In Box
  • MP: (marketplace term) Marketplace
  • NRFB : (general term) Never Removed From Box
  • NS: (general term) Normal Skin, refers to a pinky-peach skin tone. NSP is Normal Skin Pink, NSY is Normal Skin Yellow
  • NSFW: (general term) "Not Safe For Work" (sometimes written as NWS, "Not Work Safe")
  • OC: Original Character
  • OOAK: One Of A Kind
  • OT: Off Topic
  • PM: Private Message
  • SWD: Sweet Dream, term used for heads with closed eyes
  • TL;DR: Too Long; Didn't Read
  • UFK: Unfinished Kit; doll comes unstrung and unpainted for you to put together
  • WIP: Work in Progress
  • WS: White Skin


Marketplace terms

  • BIN: Buy It Now, an instant-win price in an auction (usually refers to eBay)
  • EMS: Express Mail Service, Global Express
  • FA: For Auction
  • FS: For Sale
  • FT: For Trade
  • GO: Group Order
  • OBO: Or Best Offer
  • PP: PayPal
  • WTB: Want To Buy
  • WTC: Want To Commission
  • WTS: Want To Split
  • WTT: Want To Trade

Doll companies, lines and distributors