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Migidoll started out as a one woman dollmaking company based in South Korea. She originally sculpted for Orientdoll that was distributed by Leekeworld, but it had since been discontinued. In 2006, Migi started her own company and launched the Ryu sculpt.

Since the new website opened in June 2011, Migidoll and Cherishdoll were sister sites, selling each other's dolls through each of their own websites. In June 2013, both companies merged and both sets of dolls can be ordered only through Migidoll with Migidoll's line labelled as the M Series while Cherishdoll's line labelled as C Series. As of May 2016, with the website renewal, the Cherishdoll's Love and Faith lines are now officially labeled under the Migidoll brand.

Of all the 1/3-sized heads sculpted by Migidoll, only Jina and Jean are female, although all the heads have androgynous features that could work as either gender. As a result of the popularity of the Ryu and Miho sculpts, these have been released in quite a few versions including sleeping (Miho only) and vampire. Vampire Miho does not have fangs, but Vampire Ryu has small fangs. A "cynical" version of Ryu has been produced along with the less popular Yujin. Beginning on 2013, the company has released limited edition modified versions of the popular sculpts such as Fairy Jina, Janus Miho, and Cynical Cho.

Doll lines

Migidoll's 4 original lines:

  • Classy - Migidoll taller 1/3 scale line (75cm)
  • Style - Migidoll 1/3 scale line (63-65cm)
  • Cute - Migidoll 1/4 scale line (42cm)
  • Baby - Migidoll 1/6 scale line (14cm)

With the website renewal on May 2016, Cherishdoll's lines are now labeled under the Migidoll brand:

  • Love - Migidoll 1/6 scale line (26cm)
  • Faith - Migidoll 1/6 scale line (21cm)

Resin color

History of available resin colours

- 2006 – Migidoll resin came in a color which was supposed to work with doll bodies from the company Volks or with dolls with resin like Volks pureskin. Later a second option was added to match Latidoll resin, which is a pink based resin whereas the Volks matching resin was more yellow toned. Both resins were for sale in white and normal. There was also a suntan skintone, which matched Volks sunlight skin.
- February 2010 – Migi has created their own original resin color, which might be like Lati matching or Type A (Volks matching is Type B).
- April 25 2012 – Migi decided to rerelease the Type B Volks matching skintone again[1].
- June 2014 – Migidoll has discontinued both Type A and Type B white and normal resin, releasing the dolls only in New Normal (with few exceptions in Type A Normal) [2]
- August 2015 – Migidoll announced that their dolls will be available in Normal, White, and Suntan resin [3]
- January 2016 – Migidoll released Vampire Yujin in a special skintone called Indigo Gray. Only Vampire Yujin is available in this colour during his order periods.

As of May 2019, Migidoll renamed their resin colors and began offering two tan colors on a non-limited basis. They currently offer the following resin colors: Sugar White (White), Meringue Beige (Normal), Cream Brown, and Latte Brown (Suntan).

Suntan skin

At least 6 dolls have been released in suntan skin (Ryu, Miho, Vampire Miho, Jina, Owen, Yuri[4]).

On July 2013, Migidoll released a new suntan skin colour that was darker than the previous batches. It was launched in conjunction with the third limited edition head, Cynical Cho. The new suntan was only available for the newer heads Cynical Cho and Ryo (along with a limited edition makeup available for these two heads only [5]), as well as popular sculpts Ryu, Miho, Jina, and Cho. [6]

To commemorate the re-release of Shion with a headcap instead of a faceplate, he's also been released in the new suntan colour, only available for the order period of March 2015 [7].

During the April-May 2015 preorder period, Ryu, Miho, Ell, and the new version of Yujin were available in a limited amount of 20 units of each head and 10 body sets for each doll in the new suntan colour[8].