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Migidoll produces several heads in 1/3 scale (similar to SD size) as well as a male body. The heads are versatile and can be used as either gender.

Head Sculpts

Discontinued Sculpts

  • Ryu - released October 2006, discontinued March 2016
  • Miho - released October 2007, discontinued November 2016
  • Vampire Miho - released March 2008, discontinued March 2013
  • Vampire Ryu - released March 2008, discontinued March 2013
  • Yujin - released September 2008, discontinued 2010
  • Owen - released February 2009, discontinued February 2013
  • Cho - released October 2009, discontinued November 2016
  • Noel - released June 2010, discontinued July 2013
  • Sleeping Miho - released October 2009
  • Oscar - released February 2012

Limited Edition Sculpts

Gift Heads


Previous bodies offered by Migidoll are their first version of the "Guy Body (M-Style Type)" – which features double jointed knees and elbows and a two-part torso – and the "Youth 16" Body, which is their collaboration with BNBdoll that started on June 2014.

Current bodies offered by Migidoll with their heads are:

- the "Guy Body II" – an upgraded version that's 65cm tall and features "bigger size, refined body line, muscle, skin appearance, mobility of joint & etc" according to Migidoll, and is launched on their November 2015 sales period [1]
- Sadol's Honey63 body for their female sculpts like Jina and Jean, as a collaboration between Migidoll and Sadol begun on April 2014


Migidoll Guy body II

  • Height: 65cm (including head)
  • Height: 58cm (without head)
  • Neck circumference: 10.5cm
  • Shoulder length: 13.5cm
  • Shoulder to wrist: 19cm
  • Wrist circumference: 6.8cm
  • Chest circumference: 27.5cm
  • Waist circumference: 21cm
  • Hips circumference: 27.5cm
  • Thigh circumference: 15.5cm
  • Leg length: 35cm
  • Ankle circumference: 8.8cm
  • Foot size: 8.7cm

Migidoll Guy body I (discontinued on August 2015 [2])

  • Height: 63cm (including head)
  • Shoulder width: 9.6 cm
  • Chest circumference: 25 cm
  • Waist circumference: 24.5 cm
  • Hip circumference: 25.5 cm
  • Torso length: 18.5 cm
  • Leg length: 33 cm
  • Thigh circumference: 15.5 cm
  • Shoulder to wrist: 19 cm
  • Back width: 9.5 cm
  • Foot size: 7.5 cm

Comparison and reference photos


As Migidoll started out selling only heads, many Migidolls are hybrids. Below are some doll bodies commonly seen with a Migidoll head.

Do note that although they may be commonly used for hybridizing Migidoll heads, their resin may or may not always match well depending on which Migidoll skin tone your doll is, and how consistent the other company is with their resin colour. Alternatively, resin may match in NS but not WS or vice versa. Proportion of head to body may also differ between Migidoll sculpts.

Migidoll head on Male bodies:

Migidoll heads on Female bodies:


Migidoll Official website